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Franklin Embry and Hard Target's "Livin' In The Past"

Franklin Embry just released a new music video yesterday afternoon that actually is beyond perfect. It is a new video that really hits home for just about anyone and everyone. If it speaks to you personally, or someone you're close to, it's because we all know a relationship affected by alcoholism.

In this music video Franklin opens up with, "If we could turn back time, pause and rewind, all will be fine. And I would go back to take tears in your eyes, To change your mind. I never say goodbye, while I'm livin' in the past with you." This shows you what a sober person realizes when they put down the bottle and look back at how they really are. They only wish they could go back and change the past.

Franklin Embry also shows us those lyrics come with a dark side to alcoholism as well. Displaying lyrics such as, "Tryin' to fight these sleepless nights, I'm in the dark cant find the light. I might explode like dynamite. You're so addicting china white." They really paint a picture for you. According to Embry's video, fifty percent of marriages end in divorce due to alcoholism. This video really shows the reality and heartbreak of alcoholism and its toll on every aspect of life. It wasn't only Franklin Embry who put in the work on this one though. This song featured Hard Target along with an actor you all might recognize as well. It's the other half of Dem Bourbon Boyz. The video was shot by Josh Russell Studios and produced by DjScatteredbrains. A longtime Kentucky artist is still producing phenomenal work. You have to agree, this one hits home for a lot of us.

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