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Get to know DUB3030

Adam Allsbrooks, better known in the industry as DUB3030, is a well known audio engineer and producer who owns a recording studio about 30 mins west of Nashville. His tag in his beats, “Thirty thirty”, has been heard in a multitude of country rap tunes.

When he was growing up, his parents would tell Adam, “Choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life.”

He always loved music. He took over 8 years of drum lessons as a child. That helped him develop drum patterns and song structure knowledge. He had no interest in becoming an artist, but when he learned about the behind-the-scenes work, Adam wanted to learn more.

Adam followed his parents advice and went to college. He obtained a degree in Audio Engineering. Producing beats actually started off as a hobby, but quickly turned into a major part of his career that he never expected. DUB3030 has been an engineer for 10 years now and has been producing beats the whole time.

In 2020 alone, DUB3030 mixed and mastered almost 500 songs for clients. At this point in his career, the number of beats that he has created is well into the thousands. He enjoys mixing the music the most. It gives him creative control over the sonic vibe of the record. He’s definitely good at it. It shows in the songs that he’s done for some big names in the industry.

When asked if there was anyone who he hadn’t worked with, but would like to, he replied, “Anyone that wants to work with me!”

DUB3030’s impact on music has been something amazing. Songs and albums that he has worked on have been heard on multiple platforms in large numbers. For example, everyone has heard "Catch Hell" (Adam Calhoun ft. Katie Noel) or "Divided We Fall" (Overtime). Other songs like "Shut Up" (Adam Calhoun ft. Big Murph), "1041" (Leroy Biggs ft. Upchurch & Carly Rodgers), and "Lick" (Big Murph) are a few more songs that have some big numbers. Let’s also not forget the albums "Rebels Only 2" (Big Murph & Who TF is Justin Time) and "Album Dos" (Leroy Biggs).

Many people often wonder, when hearing a producer’s tag in a song, what it means. DUB3030’s is pretty cool. When asked about it, he said that the 3030 is something of great meaning to him. It represents a dear friend who passed away (may he rest in peace). The Dub is something a little more light hearted. It came from his childhood nickname, Double A. One thing is certain, you are bound to hear the tag more in 2021.

In 2021, DUB3030 plans to continue to work to stay on Airbit's top producer charts and continue to work on his audio engineering/producing skills. That means more great songs are coming everyone’s way.

He also wants to promote and grow his DUB3030 brand. He plans to design and produce his own merchandise to go with the brand, as well.

You can contact DUB3030 at his website at for any of your mixing and mastering needs. Also check out the beats he has for sale at any time on the site. Follow him on Instagram while you're at it. Just for Country Rap News, DUB3030 has something FREE for anyone who messages him and mentions this article. Who doesn’t like free stuff?!

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