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Gregory Lakes Mudfest 2021

Gregory Lake Campground and Rv Park in Drakesboro, Kentucky is hosting Mudfest 2021 from April 30th to May 1st.

Performing on Friday will be Chandler Roberts, Kentucky Music Mafia and Charlie Farley. I spoke to KMM earlier this afternoon and was told they have a pretty big surprise. There will also be a Barbie Jeep Race happening the same day. If you haven't seen a Barbie Jeep race up-close and in person, you are in for one great day!

Performing on Saturday will be Rich Regel, Whiskey Alibi and Whey Jennings. If you haven't seen Rich Regal live you are in for one heck of a show. There will be a Mud Bog, a Drag Race, and a Slip N Slide.

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