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Grindin' Recognition

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Jj Hughes will most definitely be one to follow in 2021. Not only because he's out here putting in work, developing himself and keeping it 100%. He's catching the attention of some big Country Rap artists.

I've been following Jj for close to a year now and watching his grind has been nothing short of amazing. Giving this interview felt like talking to a friend from years ago and just catching up with each other. Not only have I been watching him but he's been seeing me pop up in comments and on YouTube for sometime, too. Jj told me that Big Po has been a great help to getting his name out there. Jj wanted a feature with Po and saved up the money to buy one. What happened next was probably the last thing Jj would have expected. Big Po heard what Jj sent, refunded his money, and brought him on his album instead. The song, Been Going Hard, is everything the title implies. Big Po and Jj went in on the banger. The album release party for Pochephus, Big Po's most recent album, was Jj's first ever live show. Following his first ever show, Jj went on to do his second show at the Extreme Muddin' headquarters with Marcotic.

Jj, a husband and father of 3, has the confidence to put himself out there and make a name for himself by keeping it 100%. You would never know that Jj grew up with a speech impediment when you listen to his music. He can go in on bars with the best of them. He has an EP dropping this year with another artist I follow a lot, Austin T-Rev. There will be features from PlayBoy The Beast and a few others that I'll keep to myself. Y’all better watch this young man come up because he's about to take off! - Kelsey Leigh

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