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"I Know" Apalachee Don featuring DoJoe187

Everyone knows the Brunswick Stew brewing outlaw, Apalachee Don. The music he cooks up is every bit as good as his stew.

Apalachee Don also has a talent for cooking up collaborations with artists that have many different vibes. In a previous interview, Apalachee Don told Country Rap News that he preferred collaborating on music instead of going solo. The results of those collaborations are always some killer music that you can bump on your playlist. The same can be said about his newest song, "I Know" featuring DoJoe187, the hard-spitting newcomer with a killer flow.

The song shows a side to Apalachee Don that many may not have seen before. It showcases his rapping ability in a whole new light. The song is more fast-paced than a typical Apalachee Don song and has a hip-hop feel. Being able to go back and forth between genres makes Apalachee Don a multi-faceted artist that can rock anything he sets his mind to.

In the lyrics, Apalachee Don says, "Rock with my city. They stand with the dude. Get love from the hood and them hillbillies too."

DoJoe187's skills are nothing to sneeze at, either. While he is newer to the scene, he has an amazing flow and comes at the beat hard. When he infers he's a beast in the video, it's definitely believable. People need to keep an eye on what he does from here forward. Talent like that only gets better.

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