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Knuckles Battles "Sweet Addiction"

Knuckles has been working on some amazing songs lately. These are songs that talk about deep seeded issues in America, including a song with Sovereign, called, "You Never Know", that talks about the serious reality of bullying.

His most recent video release, for the song "Sweet Addiction", is about the mind games that drugs play on a person and the love/hate relationship an addict has with it.

The song "Sweet Addiction" was actually released 2 months ago on Knuckles' album "The Rodeo". Thursday, March 4th, he released an in-depth visual of the song that brings it all to life.

The first half of the song, and video, is spoken by a man in love with his addiction. The drugs have consumed him, and his infatuation is evident. Soon, the relationship turns sour. The breakup is painful, but the man knows he needs it to save himself. Throughout the video, the man, played by Knuckles, goes through a variety of mental and physical stages of drug addiction.

Drug addiction is a prevalent issue, in most families, throughout America. We all have either loved someone with an addiction or been that person trapped within the abusive relationship known as drug addiction. The song is Knuckles' way of shedding light and hopefully helping others escape the hell they are trapped in. In the video description on YouTube, Knuckles included a confidential number for those looking for help to reach out through the SAMHSA National Helpline. If you, or someone you love, needs help fighting addiction, contact the SAMHSA National Helpline at 1-800-662-4357.

Watch the video and check out the lyrics, courtesy of Knuckles, below. Share it with those you love. It is sure to help someone break the bonds of addiction.

Sweet Addiction

By Steven "Knuckles" Nuckolls

Verse 1:

What’s the matter baby. Tell me how your day has been. Let me hold you. I told you, you’re my favorite sin. I know you. Can’t wait to get you underneath my skin. It’s so true. Your my only source of wonderment. What would I do if you ever up and left my life? I couldn’t focus so I know that this has to be right. Notice me passing the pipe. Goddess of Magical Light. No but this has to be right! God is this actually life?!?! Well if I’m dreaming, don’t wake me let me stay asleep. Just kidding. It’s been days since I’ve been to sleep. I don’t eat. You’re all I sit and think about.

Our relationship’s one sided but we play it out. I say it loud and proud I need you. I literally breathe you in and bleed you. I can’t leave you. Even if it’s see through,I can’t see the truth so I believe you.

Verse 2:

What’s the matter baby? Something doesn’t feel the same. Our love was wonderful but now it’s only filled with pain. I can’t let go the echoes still fill my brain. I’m numb it’s like I’m shooting novocaine. I know I’m insane and crazy these feelings of lust. It’ll never be the same. The feelings of trust. I know it’s gone but I want it back. Silly old us. Really I wanna fix it but know that it’s broken too much. I don’t know how I’ll live my life without you. I literally might die tonight without you. I just want to tell the whole world about you. And shout how the whole damn world should doubt you. And how you left me broken like a piece of glass. And treated me like nothing just a piece of trash. Like all you ever wanted was a piece of ass. I’m free from your clutches. I have peace at last!


She’s so sweet and so seductive. She she’s with me, I’m so productive. When she leaves me I’m overcome with such a hopeless lust that loving her is my only function. I’m at a junction, crossroads, I must make a decision. Been lost since I tasted addiction. Now I’m facing the friction. Don’t know if I’ll make it the distance, but I know that I’ll take the prescription.

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