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Mike Bama

Many supporters know Mike Bama, the artist. There are a few that may not know, Mike Bama, the family oriented, music loving man.

Mike contributes his talent to his parents. Mike's mom and dad played a big part in creating Mike Bama. He learned to write from his mom and he got his people skills from his father. Their love of their family has poured over into his own little family. Bama is a loving husband and proud father to his little boy Ezra. He is very family oriented and

When Mike was in high school, he earned that snack time rap battle clout. Everyone always went to get Bama to rap in these big group freestyle sessions. He learned quickly that music was his calling.

Here’s a quick fact about Mike that supporters may not know, he has a huge obsession with Pokémon. His office is covered in everything Pokémon. The Pokémon show just how young at heart and fun loving Mike Bama is.

Another fact that his supporters may not know is that Mike is a military veteran. After getting out of the military, Mike found himself listening to a lot of Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa. They became major influences in Mike Bama’s career. Nowadays, Mike has become a huge fan of Tom Macdonald and MGK.

When his military tour was over, Mike left the state of Virginia. Bama found himself in Council Bluffs, Iowa, where he started working at the casino. This is where he met Richie Meeks, may he rest in Heaven. The two became good friends. Richie took Mike to a Young and Greedy show.

“It was that moment looking at the fans; the people. Feelings like that don’t go away,” Mike said.

After that, Mike started putting his all into his music and putting his all into himself! I spoke with Mike and there is a lot of music to be on the lookout for come 2020. He said to look out for a new album. When talking about this album with Mike, I could tell he was ecstatic about this new project.

I asked Bama if he had any advice for someone following in his footsteps. He told me, “You have to want this more than you want that next breath of air. You have to keep a solid circle of people with no yes men, and don't expect people to invest in you if you won’t invest in yourself.”

Mike wants to shoutout his wife for always dealing with his “BS” and the bamfam for always showing love!

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