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Nu Breed and Jesse Howards Outlaw Nation Day

Nu Breed and Jesse Howard are holding a two-day event in Sparta, Tennessee. Outlaw Nation Day, is from February 19th to the 20th as posted on his Facebook.

“That Friday evening into the late night and all day Saturday. You don't want to miss this event. It’ll only get bigger and better from here as we plan to do these twice a year!!! We will have merchandise and albums available and will be meeting and hanging out with everyone!!!! OUTLAW NATION FAMILY!!!! This is definitely not an event you want to miss!” The post read.

Not only are these two about to put on an amazing event, but they have also been releasing some definite hits. Their song "Welcome to My House”, which now has 4.1 million views on YouTube, sat at #1 for 5 weeks on the Itunes rock chart in January! When I asked Nu Breed about the song and its standing yesterday, it was at number 2 as it was Valentine's day and Keith Sweat took 1st. This made me laugh.

But here is what Nu Breed said about the song “Welcome to my House”, "It went to number 4 one time for a couple of days because every time a new song comes out or one of the old songs get put in a movie or a big event it gets downloaded a lot and may go to number 1, so we go down, then we go back up. Now we are at 2, but it'll go back up again. So yesterday it went to number 2, but it first went in the iTunes charts at number 1. No number before that and that was on January 6th. It has been number one most of the time and on the billboard charts, it came in at number 2 then went to 8 then to 7 then to 5 then back to 2".

What an accomplishment they had. They are also number 3 on the Worldwide charts!

This song means a lot to the pair. Looking at Nu Breed’s Facebook, I found that he told supporters what the song meant to him.

He said, "Poured my life into my music, they said I would never get anywhere....always follow your dreams....this song has been number 1 on iTunes rock charts for 5 weeks, and number 2 on billboard rock charts which is amazing!!! Those of you who know my struggle, know how much this means.... nowhere near done either."

Proud of this song would be an understatement. I have read comments about how people can feel this song in their soul.

Nu Breed and Jesse Howard have been putting in work together for a long time. The vibe and creativity that comes from the pair is not only noticeable but makes you wanna come back for more. I had the pleasure of being able to message Nu Breed a few questions but I am looking forward to being able to hold a proper interview and ask just how these two keep making truly heartfelt music related to everyday life.

If you haven't checked out their latest video including "Welcome to My House" check a few out below!

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