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Pond Creek's Hustler

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

"Come as you are" is the motto Leroy Biggs has lived by even through situations in life that have tested his faith. Leroy tells the story of his life through his music. Many artists do tell their story, but Leroy's is just different.

If you listen closely, you’ll hear lines like "Then they used me as a scapegoat. So, for three years straight, all I ever did was lay low and said no names" from Want The Smoke ft. Ryan Upchurch. Lines like these tell a story without telling a story. A story a lot of fans can relate to.

Leroy credits the Nashville underground rappers of the 90's as major influences growing up. Now age 21, the once self proclaimed POS is listening to 5 hour classical pieces by Gorecki to motivate his mind.

2021 looks like one of the best years to watch Leroy Biggs grow. He's got some videos for the Album Dos he's working on. It’s an album with some surprise features. We will also hear him collaborating with people we have never seen him work with before.

On the topic of features, when I asked about who he would love to do a feature with, Leroy said "Uncle Kracker has been a great mentor to me, giving me some great advice. That’s who I'd say." Anything the Leroy touches will be solid and true to the pond creek raised man he has become. Leroy goes live all the time and if you ever catch one, your cheeks will be hurting because he says some belly laughing, spit out your beer things!

Leroy's supporters are definitely ready for him to smoke a zip of the best Michigan devil’s lettuce and hit the studio, or hit the stage. Leroy Biggs isn't scared to perform during this pandemic. He finished our interview by saying "I, Leroy Biggs, am more deadly than Covid."

-Kelsey Leigh

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