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Shelbykay - "I Would've Said Her Name."

Just a few days ago there was a video released by Shelbykay and Sarah Ross called "Chop an Axe". Many fans speculated if it was a jab at Savannah Dexter as a return fire to her song she dropped called "Savage". These two women sat down with me and broke down everything for Country Rap News.

First and foremost, NO, this was not a song directed at Savannah. Shelbykay had written this song in October and actually sent it to someone who showed Savannah the lyrics before "Savage" was written and released. Both Sarah and Shelbykay knew when they arrived on the set of the music video for "Chop an Axe" that the side by side they were going to be riding in, in the song, was going to be interpreted exactly how it was. They didn't care because they knew it was not the intent. They kept going on with their girl gang banger and had so much fun just vibing together!

With that being said, we don't know exactly who Savannah is referring to when she says, "Couple bitches got stripped of their pride, snatched off any crown that they wore." Country Rap News would definitely like to sit down and ask Savannah about this.

Sarah Ross states that this song was a chance to be a different character and about feeling badass. The one line that everyone seems to be tripping over, "ain't you still living at home with your momma", was just fun to write, speaking on the different character vibe. She also had absolutely no idea who Savannah Dexter was until they talked about the side by side at the video shoot.

Sarah was the first female to arrive in the Country Rap scene at 17, now 26. She doesn't really understand why anyone perceived the lyrics and the video as they did. Knowing that Sarah has never been one to have to worry about beef or put up with the drama, she is ready to embrace all females in the Country Rap scene and help the women of the industry rise.

ShelbyKay made a few bold statements and they hold true to who she has shown us she is. Shelbykay said, "This song was about showing how women can work together, was to show women are badass. I'm over the bully shit. If we're gonna do this, we're gonna do this and get the bully shit the ef up out of here."

There were a lot of things talked about, but, the one thing these two girls never said was that they wouldn't work with other females in the industry. They, instead, said that they would embrace them. Shelbykay mentioned that she would even like to collab with Savannah. Shelbykay said she was going to be working with more females this year than males in the industry.

Empowering by definition means; to make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights. This industry thrives on beef or throwing shade on words that are misconstrued and manipulated to fit a certain path when the destination of the meaning was never directed in a negative way in the first place. Furthermore, Shelbykay said if she was to have spoken about Savannah Dexter, she would have said her name.

-Kelsey Leigh

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