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Shotgun Shane, Young Buck and Bubba Sparxxx Bring the Heat

This was a collaboration that was unexpected, but the beat hits right. It's definitely one to listen to. Shotgun Shane has been out there grinding, and it is showing. We have all had the notion that there are people are out there that don't like who you are, and Shotgun Shane says it in the song, "You talk a big game but you not like me. You went and bought fame, but you not like me. To me you are all the same cuz you not like me. My tank on full while your tank on E." You can't tell me that the haters in life haven't left us feeling this way. Shane comes with another verse saying, "Got no regrets at the moment, this moment may be my greatest. So, I'm a stand up and own it while all my haters embrace it. They may not like me but they gonna have to respect my hustle."

Young Buck kills his verse he talks about respecting what he has done and where he has gotten. He says

you can't trick him cuz he isn't taking no nonsense. Bubba comes in on the last verse. He came out the gate saying he hasn't been rich in a minute but the whole world knows who he is. Stay humble and keep that hustle going hard.

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