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Updated: Feb 12, 2021

JJ Hughes is about to drop his fourth album and if you have been following this man you know he's coming with some fire. "Underdog" is the title of this EP but we know he is far from the Underdog. He has been impressing Country Rap Artists without even realizing it.

John Brodnax put out a song called "Jason Williams" and this was his inspiration for the entire album. There is a bar in the song that hit JJ hard, " Said I could do anything for so long, started believing the shit I was saying because if it was fourth and inches on Super Bowl Sunday they putting the ball in my hand." JJ is not only up and coming he is outworking himself and producing bar after bar. JJ is one to keep your eye on because he is about to drop some incredible vibes for us! JJ is offering his album "Simple Man" with the purchase of his new album "Underdog". Country Rap News has an exclusive to the song "Barz" off the EP mixed and mastered by City Chief pre-order dropping January 15th. The whole project will launch on the 25th.

-Kelsey Leigh

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