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Dusty Leigh is Bringing Fridays Back to Life

"Friday Coming On" could be the next Friday night anthem. This song has a laid-back, Honkey Tonk vibe. For those of us that like to go out and unwind at the end of the week, it has all the makings of a that go-to song on Friday night out on the town. It always seems Friday will never get here, but when it does it's on. The anticipation of a night out to unwind is one we all know too well.

The video is pretty dope itself. It has all the drinking Dusty Leigh, The Moonshine Bandits and Brandon Hartt can take, with all the country baddie's, dancing and bonfires. Whether you like hitting the club in that little black dress, or prefer a good ole field party in your work boots on a tailgate, sitting by a bonfire, "Friday Coming On" is for you.

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