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Chad Armes AKA ChaddyBobby Dropped 'The American Dream' Album

In this new release, one song stands out to me. It shows us that Chad Armes can rap over any beat. I haven't heard of disco incorporated into Country Rap till now. The song, "Disco" is a track that shows that skill.

The song is pretty dope. Especially if you come from an older generation that grew up during disco, or if you know anything about disco music. He incorporated the hook, "Staying Alive" into this song and it plays well in it.

The beginning of the song kind of reminds me of the shit going on today. It starts out;

"Someone told me get ready for the shit show. You ain't never ever seen it like this though.Yeah money ain't nothing till ya rich bro. Thought you was slick till ya fell into tha crisco, Rip shows get dough" and then goes on a few more lines than says "Done everything but the disco so here we go watch me disco." That's when the magic begins. Y'all should really check this one out! I won't spoil it for y'all.

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