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Demun Jones Brings Holiday Cheer!

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Over the holiday season an EP was released that stood out from others with its holiday bundle packages and holiday cheer.

December 10th, 2020 Demun Jones, along with his daughters JJ and Sissy dropped the best Christmas EP out there right now. The next day, he followed the EP release with a video for the title track to the EP "It never snows in middle Georgia".

Santa is looking like he's already delivered all his packages. He’s cruising in his Jeep with the top off and sporting board shorts and a tank top. His beard is whipping in the wind and there’s a red straw hat true to Demun Jones style. It’s not the typical Santa of the North Pole. Instead, it’s the middle Georgia Santa.

This video shows just how much of a family man Demun is, not like the A1 fans didn't already know. All Sissy and JJ want is a white Christmas, and by the end of the video, Demun and Santa come together and make that GA snowfall.

Over the years, we have watched Demun and his munchkins come together and share such a strong bond with music. You can definitely see the personality differences as they come together to keep their fans entertained. It shows true growth as a family.

Demun hasn't let this year stop his grind. Six months ago he released the video to "I'm a Man" and the visual he gives to the words he wrote will bring tears to a grown man's eyes. Between “I’m a Man” and this light hearted Christmas song, it shows how much depth that Demun Jones has in his music.

2021 will be a year to keep your eyes peeled and your ears ready! We hope to bring you more news from Demun as the year starts and #countryrapnews takes off!

-Kelsey Leigh

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