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Demun Jones, Jelly Roll, and Colt Ford

It wasn't a trick question when Demun Jones asked his supporters how they felt about him dropping a few remixes. The past few days he has dropped two of them and the supporters aren't disappointed one bit!

The first song dropped off of Burn County Remix is called 'Suge White' and it features Colt Ford. Suge Knight was a former music executive and the co-founder and CEO of Death Row Records. He played a big part in the rap genre by catapulting the genre into becoming commercialized. In the song, both Demun and Colt talk about how they have played a big role in the Country rap genre as Suge Knight played in the rap genre. In the chorus, Demun says 'A country boy run you down like Suge White'. If you have followed music for a long time, as I have you would know that Demun is referencing what Suge Knight is now known for. Suge ran over and killed a former record label owner Terry Carter in 2015 and was sentenced to 28 years in prison in 2018. That's a pretty hard bar and I probably wouldn't wanna mess with Demun Jones especially seeing the photo that was posted with the audio of Demun in a bubble bath holding an AK with his straw hat on and puffing of a cigar.

The second song off of Burn County Remix is called 'Bronco' and it features Jelly Roll. There was a video released of this song in 2016 but there is an uncommercialized feel to the remix just released. There is no denying that Demun and Jelly can make some amazing music and together they just kill it

I have a feeling that we are going to be hearing more Burn County Remixes. I wonder who will be featured next?

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