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'Racket County is Back and Rowdy'

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Y'all didn't forget who Racket County is now, did you? In case you did or if you have never heard of them, YouTube gave a little description, The LACs teamed up with Hard Target, Wess Nyle, and Cymple Man to form a new band, Racket County, in early 2016. Racket County’s debut album “Welcome to Dodge City” became an instant classic, producing massive hits like the reggae-infused, feel-good single “Sunday,” which went on to become a viral hit as the video racked up over +2 million Youtube views. The Racket County projects have been filled with overflowing, homebrewed, countryfied, Hick-Hop, and barbed wire bars that instantly get listeners buzzing to the vibes of the songs. We hope you enjoy this one as much as we do! Keep up with all of the new Racket County releases by following Dirt Rock Empire on all social media platforms and digital streaming platforms!'

Yesterday, Racket County released the video for 'Donut'. We are glad to see that gang back! The video was directed by Breadwin Deville and Matt Tress at Lead Foot City's Burnout zone in Hernando County, Florida. Hot Babes, burning rubber, good vibes, and sexy cars was the theme for this video.

A few verses stuck out to me throughout. In Brian's verse, he says, 'Sweet tooth, sugar rush had enough beef. Y'all act like we on CMT, Ya ya y'all boys can rap but y'all genre just won't never compete. Little weed and a bear claw, might take too long need Geritol. Need a pair of balls for a job like this. If you talk the talk, then let's whip this b*tch. You know, I know, we know, we inspire lots of people but the other half is laughing cause your doughnut ain't got sprinkles." Cymple Mans last few bars, 'Everybody claim they made they own lane. Better than the rest. Everything gone change. If y’all so different and craving the fame, then stupida** don’t that make y’all the same.' We can speculate on who or what they may be rapping about, but it's just that, a rap. The song hits hard and the visuals are outstanding! Shoutout Breadwin Deville!

-Kelsey Leigh

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