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Still Knuckles

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

2020 has been good to Knuckles, gaining social media connections and growing himself in the studio. December 20th, 2020 Knuckles dropped another album titled The Rodeo.

This album is telling everyone that he isn't changing who is as an artist. He wants to tell the world that he's most definitely not a guest in hip hop, either!

Knuckles was influenced by many artists growing up, Eminem being one along with Chirs LaDoux. Being the Cowboy from Oklahoma, rocking cowboy boots everyday, you'd have no idea the past this man rose up from. I was honored to be able to have some deep conversations off record with him. If I wasn't a hard core fan before we talked, I most definitely am now.

Knuckles, a husband and father of 5, works a full time job supporting his family and he's still killing it in the studio! He dropped the music video to Still Cowboy Boots and Shorts, a sequel to Cowboy Boots and Shorts five weeks ago. It’s vibe describes him as the man he is to a tee!

There will be many surprises in 2021 coming from Knuckles along with a single dropping featuring Leroy Biggs called No Handouts. It is most definitely a banger as I was able to listen to it before it's release.

If you don't know who Knuckles is, go check him out and let us know what you think!

Country Rap News has the only exclusive teaser from the song No Handouts ft Leroy Biggs! Check it out below! A special thanks to Knuckles for believing in what our team is doing!

-Kelsey Leigh

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