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TJ Freeq's New Video!! Watch It HERE ONLY!

All I have to say is DAMN! TJ Freeq and Shun Cool, not only is this song catchy as hell but the video is poppin'. All the neon lights, glow in the dark everything, and oh yeah that ass shakin'. These two artists sound so well together too, like well-oiled train tracks with no noise when the switch over comes in hot. You might notice Stormie Leigh in the video doing her damn thing!

We know that woman can belt out her soul in songs and now we know she can most definitely shake what she was given and look like a fine glass of sweet wine doing so. That ass most definitely be rumbling, shakin', rocking, and no we cannot live without a slap on that ass. Man, I can jam to this song all day!

TJ Freeq gave Country Rap News the exclusive private link for our readers to watch this brand-new video. The video was produced and engineered by Shamu The Panda aka Drumdummie who is also featured on the chorus and Benny Blanco was the visionary whom shot, directed, and edited the video

Here is the only exclusive look at the new video! Let us know what you think or if you lost your train of thought while watching, because so did I.

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