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Twang and Round's New Single 'My Will Be Done'

Twang and Round have been putting out bangers since 2011. The latest being "My Will Be Done." It was released on Friday March 19, 2021. This song is totally different from anything they have put out as of yet.

Twang and Round has stepped outside of their box of combining the best parts of genres such as country, bluegrass, rap and hip-hop, and has now added a gospel touch to this one.

This is the first song this year that has really touched me emotionally. Without getting into detail about what happened a year ago, just know if you have ever been given a second chance from an Over Dose, Suicide Attempt or other Near-Death Experiences, this song is like no other.

From the beginning to the end of "My Will Be Done" there is raw emotion playing on this song that gives us hope.

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