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Twang and Round’s “Whiskey Rain”

Twang and Round released a blast-from-the-past style track with a video that matches over the weekend.

Whiskey Rain”, ft. Bailey James, hit YouTube February 13th and gave everyone that 1920’s vib. From the bluesy sounds of the hook to the era correct attire, the song and video awoke the long, lost memory of prohibition. Twang and Round even play bootleggers supplying whiskey to a bar.

The song lyrics talk about numbing pain with whiskey. Twang says, in his lyrics, that “when it rains, it pours. Pass that whiskey when I’m hurting. Uncertain and I’m flirting. Demons in a person”.

Round reiterated the theme in the second verse by rapping, “Rain in the window. Whiskey in my shot glass. Drank till I kill the pain. Bud in the cellophane. Numb like novacane.”

Bailey includes the sentiment in her bridge toward the end of the song. She sings, “Quench my sorrow. Drown my pain. Pour down on me, Whiskey Rain.”

Though the lyrics are more of a serious topic, the song and video have a fun vibe. People are smiling and playing cards. Others are swaying to the music and there are drinks all around. If you haven’t given it a listen already, definitely do so.

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